Paperback / softback
Imagine eight photos of some lovely ladybugs, some of the smallest members of the animal kingdom. All show these tiny creatures balanced on thin blades of grass. All show the droplets of dew ready to drip down to the ground below. And all show the four spots dotting the front bug's back. So what makes one of these photos different? We'll never tell -- the fun is in figuring it out! Photo Fun Picture Puzzles: Animals features these and other photos of animals all over the world. Each is shown with several identical photos -- and one that contains a crucial difference. In the photos of a group of cows calmly chewing, is it the mountains rising up behind the animals that are missing from one of the pictures? Does one photo have more brown cows than all the others? Or does one have more cows altogether? Readers will have to use all the powers of observation to find out. With meters measuring the difficulty of each puzzle, boxes for readers to fill in their times and keep track of their progress, and -- for those who just can't spot the difference -- an answer key in the back of the book, Photo Fun Picture Puzzles: Animals is filled with the best brain-teasers for anyone looking for a fascinating challenge.