Anglican Religious Life 2010-11: A Yearbook of Religious Orders and Communities in the Anglican Communion and Tertiaries, Oblates, Associates and Companions

The new title and new look of this biennial directory reflect the changing patterns and growth in religious life throughout the Anglican Communion. The focus is widened significantly to include the many groups of companions and associates attached to traditional religious communities - lay members who make formal promises to follow a simplified monastic rule of life in their everyday lives in the world. These are often far larger than the communities they are attached to - for example, Elmore Abbey has four or five Benedictine monks, but over 300 oblates. So the potential readership is widened considerably. Consisting of a complete directory of communities throughout the Anglican world (now extended to include details of associate groups) it gives information on retreat accommodation, times of services, other facilities and community wares. News features and articles give a vivid picture of the Franciscans, Benedictines and other religious orders who form a spiritual core to the worldwide Anglican church.