And You Thought There Were Only Four: 400 Questions to Make Your Seder Enlightening, Educational and Enjoyable

One of the main themes of Pesach are the 4 questions that are asked -- but do not be mistaken, there are still many other questions to be asked and lessons to be learned! Joe Bobker addresses amusing and fascinating questions you never thought about or perhaps always wanted to ask, but never did! Have fun this Pesach, entertain and enlighten your guests around the Seder table. And You Thought There Were Only Four asks questions, such as: What's the connection between Pesach and the blood libel? Where in the Torah do we first read about the Exodus saga? How many Jews originally went to Egypt? Why did God need two messengers, Moses and Aaron? When we sing Pesach songs, are we singing the original tunes? How many chariots chased the Jews to the Red Sea? What was the duration of the plagues? What is the main purpose of Pesach? Is it OK to eat out on Pesach? Can I drink more than four cups of wine? Must I read the Haggada in Hebrew?