And If I Die

Mose and his grandson, Bill, are on the lam in 1968-- hiding out in Texas under assumed names. Bill is enrolled at North Texas State University, working with professor Pat Patterson (Missy's husband), and learning to ride bulls. Mose attempts to protect his charge from the evil that continues to attack. It has manifested itself in various forms and Mose must guard Bill against mounting forces. These include a dangerous and determined assassin hired by the widow Bainbridge, the risky sport with which Bill is enthralled, and Bill's resistance to the things of God. Confrontation at a rodeo ignites cataclysmic events that prove the persistence of evil in this spiritual war to be more than can be endured by human device. One thing is certain: The enemy is alive and active on the earth, his followers are zealous ...and the good guys don't always win. Who of our beloved cast of characters will be forced to answer this dreaded thought: AND IF I DIE?