Analytical Methods in Combinatorial Chemistry

Since the publication of the benchmark first edition of this book, chemical library and combinatorial chemistry methods have developed into mature technologies. There have also been significant shifts in emphasis in combinatorial synthesis. Reflecting the growth in the field and the heightened focus on select areas, Analytical Methods in Combinatorial Chemistry, Second Edition updates a classic text and captures the current state of these technologies. Written by leaders in the field, this second edition includes several enhancements. A chapter on high-throughput analytical methods and informatics reflects the demand for quality control of library members. A new chapter focuses on high-throughput purification methods. All chapters have been updated with new data. Topics discussed in this second edition include: * Properties of solid-phase samples, analytical studies targeted to understand these properties, and resin swelling * Fourier Transform Infrared techniques * On-support mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance methods used in the reaction optimization stage * Combinatorial library analysis using spectrophotometric, fluorometric, and other methods * Quality control of combinatorial libraries * High-throughput purification methods * Future directions and analytical challenges The coming decade is sure to usher in a new wave of progress in this critical field. This volume provides not only an analysis of the recent developments in analytical methods, technologies and applications; it also provides a window on future possibilities.