Analytical Biotechnology

Analytical Biotechnology fills a niche by introducing each topic in simple terms that requires no previous knowledge and is structured to take the reader in a logical step-by-step approach from basic principles though to the current state of the art. Topics covered by the book include: the use of biological molecules as analytical reagents (including enzymes, antibodies, aptamers, and nucleic acids), chromatography and its use within analytical biotechnology, sensors and biosensors, immunochemistry and immunosensors, nucleic acids and their use within genomic, proteomic and metabolomic techniques, biotechnology as applied to forensic science and market economics of the analytical biotechnology sector. In order to reach out to the widest possible audience, this book will cover all of the most widely used bio-analytical techniques (such as ELISAs, lateral flow tests, surface plasmon resonance, PCR and other DNA techniques) - but will also give a provide a coverage to emerging techniques such as the development of labeless electrochemical antibody assays and the use of aptamers.