An Introduction to River Modelling: A Multidimensional Approach

An Introduction to River Modelling provides comprehensive coverage of the development and application of computational flow, sediment transport, morphodynamics and habitat models in riverine environments. The emphasis is on practical application of state-of-the-art river models, although complete descriptions of model formulation and numerical techniques are described for several multidimensional river models. Through electronic supplements freely available, readers have access to a single high-quality interface (iRIC) in which the models presented in the textbook are available for use. All the models are in the public domain and a section of the book describes methods for making alterations in the codes discussed in the text and for integrating other models into the iRIC interface using executable markup language. For each of the models presented in the text, exercises and tutorials available electronically guide the reader through a spectrum of projects ranging from simple, idealized channel models all the way up to detailed model applications on real rivers.