An Introduction to Probability and Statistical Inference

Roussas introduces readers with no prior knowledge in probability or statistics, to a thinking process to guide them toward the best solution to a posed question or situation. An Introduction to Probability and Statistical Inference provides a plethora of examples for each topic discussed, giving the reader more experience in applying statistical methods to different situations. The text is wonderfully written and has the most comprehensive range of exercise problems that I have ever seen. - Tapas K. Das, University of South Florida The exposition is great; a mixture between conversational tones and formal mathematics; the appropriate combination for a math text at [this] level. In my examination I could find no instance where I could improve the book. - H. Pat Goeters, Auburn, University, Alabama * Contains more than 200 illustrative examples discussed in detail, plus scores of numerical examples and applications * Chapters 1-8 can be used independently for an introductory course in probability * Provides a substantial number of proofs