An Engineer's Guide to Pipe Joints

Covering remarkable joints and permanent joints in most common metallic and non-metallic materials, this book offers a valuable selection tool for the professional engineer. An Engineer's Guide to Pipe Joints will be useful to all those involved in process, chemical, fluid and materials transport engineering as well as any engineer concerned with pipe work and joints as part of an installation. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Acknowledgements. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Pipe joint selection. Chapter 3. Metallic flanged joints with gaskets. Chapter 4. Gaskets. Chapter 5. Flanged joints without gaskets. Chapter 6. Malleable iron pipe fittings (screwed fittings). Chapter 7. Couplings. Chapter 8. Welded metallic joints. Chapter 9. Plastic piping. Chapter 10. Joints in glass piping. Chapter 11. Joints in lined metallic piping. Chapter 12. Reliability. References. Appendices. Bibliography. Index.