An Emerald Green Rosebud

An Emerald Green Rosebud is a collection of stories and observations that illustrate Jessica Allin's remarkable life. The book radiates Jessica's warm humanity and her perceptions of the beauty of the world about her. Jessica Allin, a young woman living and working in London, has a chance encounter that takes her on the journey of a lifetime to East and Central Africa, the Sudan and on to Spain. An Emerald Green Rosebud is in part the sequel to Jessica's previous book, A Breath of Africa, and is a delightful collage of stories and reflections about people in far away places, raising a family in Africa, and unique occurrences that Jessica has experienced. Much later, there is another encounter, one that magically weaves a golden thread reconnecting her to the homeland she left so many years ago. Inspired by readers asking for a sequel to A Breath of Africa, Jessica Allin's personal memoirs are a fascinating read for anyone who enjoys biographies and stories of experiences in far away places.