An Analogue of a Reductive Algebraic Monoid Whose Unit Group is a Kac-Moody Group

By an easy generalization of the Tannaka-Krein reconstruction we associate to the category of admissible representations of the category ${\mathcal O}$ of a Kac-Moody algebra, and its category of admissible duals, a monoid with a coordinate ring. The Kac-Moody group is the Zariski open dense unit group of this monoid. The restriction of the coordinate ring to the Kac-Moody group is the algebra of strongly regular functions introduced by V. Kac and D. Peterson. This monoid has similar structural properties as a reductive algebraic monoid. In particular it is unit regular, its idempotents related to the faces of the Tits cone. It has Bruhat and Birkhoff decompositions. The Kac-Moody algebra is isomorphic to the Lie algebra of this monoid.