American Indian Multimedia Ency

-- A complete overview of more than 150 Native American groups covers such topics as migrations, wars, life-styles, language, families, and legends. Also included are address directories of Native American tribes, museums, and societies.-- The full texts of prominent, primary source documents and in-depth coverage of Native American issues -- from broken treaties to the Trail of Tears -- stimulate students' critical-thinking and independent-learning skills.-- More than 1,000 fact-filled biographical entries profile Native Americans and the men and women who interacted with them.-- Experience the Native American world through more than 1,100 drawings, photographs, maps, and video clips; discover a wealth of treaties, land grants, and other dramatic historical artifacts; hear authentic American Indian songs.-- Among the topics covered are: Burial Ground Desecration, Creation Stories, Ghost Dances, and more than 100 legends passed down from generation to generation.All the information is extensively cross-referenced with hyperlinks and full Boolean search capabilities. Just by following the streamlined on-screen menus, even novice users will be able to quickly find the tribal, biographical, or multimedia information they want. They will discover and explore more than a thousand years of culture, legends, and leaders.