Allegiance to Liberty: The Changing Face of Patriots, Militias, and Political Violence in America

This provocative volume explores how and why the word patriot has been appropriated by those who fight against the U.S. government-sometimes advocating violence in support of their goals. * Addresses the wide range of patriot groups currently active in the United States, covering their origins and current activities and what they reveal about America's political state * Profiles well-known patriot groups * Discusses the political, economic, and social dynamics that perpetuate the growth of these movements * Explores how and why such groups evolved from guardians of the principles of restrained government to proponents of radicalized violence against those they see as being in opposition to their beliefs * Overviews the congruence of patriotism and political violence in U.S. history, such as how disillusionment in the wake of the Civil War provided fodder for the forming of the Klu Klux Klan