All Year: Plants in Flower

For more than 14 years I have led garden tours and visits, and the question most asked of me by my guests is 'What plant will grow in my garden and flower in March?' - or May, or November, says Vincent Gradwell, author of this book. So to provide the answer, I set to and recorded and logged plants that actually flower - not just produce colour through foliage or berries - during each week of the year. To cater for all sizes of garden, three plants that flower in a particular week are shown. Of course, depending on where you live, the flowering period may vary slightly but if you follow the succession shown, you really will enjoy flowers throughout the year, from deepest winter to high summer. Vincent has chosen wisely to provide variety of type, style and cost of plant, so any gardener can boost the colour and fragrance in his or her garden all year round without breaking the bank!