All My Life and All My Strength: An Autobiography

All my life and all my strength gives insight into this extraordinary woman who was a Jew, feminist, leading communist, trade unionist, stalwart in the liberation movement in South Africa and partner of Jack Simons for over fifty-four years. The title spans her entire life - from her childhood in Lithuania to the present û and details her tireless struggle for freedom from racial domination, the harsh relationship between her personal and political lives, how she dealt with these priorities and how her values manifested in all aspects of her life, including her health. The auhtor tells of her early struggles within the South African Communist party, of life in exile in Lusaka and of the dominant role she played in shaping unions and organizations, such as the Food and Canning Workers Union (now FAWU), of which Comrade Ray remains life president and the Federation of South African Women (FSAW).