Alessandro Stradella, 1639-1682: A Thematic Catalogue of His Compositions

Series: Thematic Catalogues (No. 16)
Alessandro Stradella is rapidly becoming recognized as an outstanding composer of the generation before Corelli. The present catalogue offers the most complete list of Stradella's over 300 works in all their known sources and provides thematic incipits for the first time. The Stradella catalogue will indeed be of special interest to musicologists, musicians, and librarians alike. The preliminary material includes, in addition to the expected editorial procedures, a short biographical sketch of the composer, and a history of Stradella catalogues. Of particular value are the four detailed indices-a complete list of text incipits, of sources alphabetically or numerically by library, of independent instrumental music within vocal music, and of names-real and fictional-mentioned in the entries. A bibliography offers editions of works by Stradella.