ALA-APA Salary Survey 2012: Librarian - Public and Academic

According to the newly-released 2012 ALA-APA Salary Survey: Librarian - Public and Academic, average salaries for librarians have increased less than one percent. Survey responses from public and academic libraries in all 50 states and the District of Columbia indicate that salaries range from $22,000 in public libraries to more than $258,000, with the highest salary earners being library directors in university libraries.The Salary Survey shows aggregated data from 11,315 individual salaries and 618 libraries. Data is shown for public libraries serving populations under 10,000 to more than 500,000; and for academic libraries at community colleges, four-year colleges and university libraries, including Association of Research Libraries. The survey report summarizes salaries paid to staff in six position categories: directors/deans, associate/assistant directors, department heads, managers of support staff, librarians who do not supervise and beginning librarians. Results are also organized by region and state.The information included in the Salary Survey can be useful for hiring managers, library directors and human resources staff. It is also valuable for librarians seeking employment or considering relocating to pursue professional opportunities.