Al-Liss Wal Kilab: Arabic GCE/A2-Text 1

Al-Liss wal-Kilab, GCE (A-level)/Text 1 Al-Liss wal-Kilab (the Thief and the Dogs) contains the requirement for the FIRST TEXT (LITERARY OPTION) OF THE FINAL A-LEVEL, OR A2, year. It includes: A brief biography of the author Naguib Mahfouz. A SUMMARY OF THE NOVEL. A description of the personality of Sa'id Mahran, the MAIN CHARACTER in the novel, and discussion of the factors that have contributed to this. Discussion about whether the main character of the novel was a victim of circumstances or a victim of his own making, providing different answers in three separate sections. Four more sections discussing THE OTHER CHARACTERS and their role in the life of the main character. Seven essays highlighting the DIFFERENT IDEAS AND THEMES that the author has presented. Three essays on the STYLES used by the author. A final section entitled If I was Sa'id Mahran! Technical details: 128 pages; format A5 (210 x 148 mm); heavy duty paper; perfect bound laminated cover ISBN 978-1-908871-22-0 Related products: Important Issues, GCE (A-level)/A2 that covers the requirements of the latest Edexcel Advanced Subsidiary (A2) specification, written specifically for the Arabic A2 course - but it can easily fit in with any Arabic language course of the same level: ISBN 978-1-908871-20-6 The GCE A2 Course Literary Options (Texts), each of these books contains texts, summaries, explanations, analysis and criticism, in addition to brief advice on studying and how to plan your essay-writing - in addition to this book: 1. Qindil Umm Hashim, a detailed study of the famous novella based on the Edexcel GCE/A2 specification (literary Text 2): ISBN 978-1-908871-23-7 2. Kalilah wa Dimnah, an examination-based study of the famous old book based on the Edexcel GCE/A2 specification (literary Text 3): ISBN 978-1-908871-24-4 The Grammar and Writing Guide - A-level, written specifically for the Writing part of the Arabic GCE (A-level) examinations, including grammar, punctuation, style and planning your writing, and 35 ready-written pieces: ISBN 978-1-908871-18-3