Air Pollution and Agricultural Change: for CCEA A2 Level

Series: Global Issues (No. 2)
This is one of two new books that have been specifically designed to address the second section of the Human Geography unit for A2 level and to complement the A2 Geography for CCEA book. Each book contains two of the four elements that can be studied in this section and are designed to improve students' understanding and appreciation of the issues relating to their sustainable future. This book investigates the Air Pollution and Agricultural Change elements, providing students with the information they need to prepare for the global issue they are studying. Its text is lavishly illustrated in full colour with appropriate diagrams, maps, charts, photographs and questions. Following the same topics as the revised specification, the book features: An introduction to the concept of global issues A list of websites to develop further awareness of each issue Suggested past paper questions and resources that are relevant to the new specification A primary investigation section explaining how to use primary data techniques to explore each issue in the fieldwork section of the module A glossary of key terms