Cranio-Spinal Surgery with the Ronjair: Addendum to Air Instrument Surgery

This chapter deals with so me surgical uses of an air-powered bone-biter, Ronjair(R). The to01 has been developed in response to the need to prevent hand cramping, blisters, fatigue, and consequent cIumsiness after extensive bone removal. The Instru- ment, which has been in operative use since April 1971, has also proved to be more precisely controllable by the surgeon than comparable hand-powered instruments. The instrument is a new Air Instrument conceived with considerable attention, to full contral of the biting tips, to versatility and ease of use. Still, a little directed learning is essential for comfortable bone-cutting. Some hints are included in How to use the Ronjair(R), Air-Powered Rongeur and Technique suggestions , but it is ad- visable to practice outside the operating room to get the feel of it. In aseries of presentations to so me 3,000 neurosurgeons and orthopedists in the past two years at large national meetings, it was cIear that nearly all could become adept in the use of the instrument after some 5 -10 minutes. The Ronjair(R) Air-Powered Rongeur was developed by Hall International Inc. with the suggestions and effort of N. Edalatpour, M.D. N. Edalatpour, M.D., F.A.C.S.