Ahora Que?/Now What?

Series: Eric & Julieta
Paperback / softback
Mom is in the living room with a friend, and has asked Eric to watch over Julieta. The problem with Julieta is she can't keep her hands off her brother's toys! And somehow she manages to get dirty in a split second! What can an older brother do? Show her the bathroom and ask her to clean herself. But Julieta has a curious mind and she finds out that she can play with the soap and the toothpaste. Chaos ensues. "Eeeeriiiiiiic!" Bilingual title: Ahora, que? / Now What?Mama tiene visita y le pide a Eric que vigile a Julieta. El problema es que Julieta siempre quiere jugar con los juguetes de su hermano y ademas siempre se ensucia. Que puede hacer Eric? Ensenarle el bano y decirle que se lave. Claro que cuando Julieta descubre la pasta de dientes, se le ocurren muchas ideas. Eerrriiiiiiic!