Afterall: Issue 26: Afterall Spring 2011

Afterall is a journal of art, context, and inquiry that offers in-depth consideration of the work of contemporary artists from around the world, along with essays that set the work in a broader context. Articles on art history and critical theory applied to art round out each volume. Afterall is written by scholars - but with an eye toward the general reader who is interested in the situation of art and artists in our world. Issue 26 offers new looks at American artist Catherine Sullivan, Brazilian artist and writer Ricardo Basbaum, Spanish conceptualist Valcarcel Madeina, and the influential US collective Group Material. Contextual pieces address forms of radical pedagogy and the intersections between text and aesthetic style; the issue also offers the first-ever English translation of the 1971 Helio Oiticia text Tropicamp, alongside an essay explaining its importance.