Advances in Photochemistry

Setting the pace for progress and innovation ...ADVANCES IN PHOTOCHEMISTRY More than a simple survey of the current literature, Advances in Photochemistry offers critical evaluations written by internationally recognized experts. These pioneering scientists offer unique and varied points of view of the existing data. Their articles are challenging as well as provocative and are intended to stimulate discussion, promote further research, and encourage new developments in the field. In this volume Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Polyatomic Alkaline Earth-Containing Molecules PETER F. BERNATH Photochemically Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization MARTIN GOEZ Photophysics of Gaseous Aromatic Molecules: Excess Vibrational Energy Dependence of Radiationless Processes EDWARD C. LIM Lanthanide Complexes of Encapsulating Ligands as Luminescent Devices NANDA SABBATINI, MASSIMO GUARDIGLI, AND ILSE MANET Advances in the Measurement of Correlation in Photoproduct Motion CHRISTOPHER G. MORGAN, MARCEL DRABBELS, AND ALEC M. WODTKE