Advances in Grid Computing: European Grid Conference, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, February 14-16, 2005, Revised Selected Papers

When the network is as fast as the computer's internal links, the - chine disintegrates across the net into a set of special purpose app- ances. (George Gilder) We are proud to present to you the proceedings of the European Grid C- ference 2005, held at the Science Park Amsterdam during February 14-16. TheaimoftheEuropeanGridConferencewastobethepremiereventon Grid computing in Europe in 2005, focusing on all aspects of Grid computing and bringing together participants from research and industry. EGC 2005 was a follow-up of the Across Grids Conferences held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (2003) and in Nicosia, Cyprus (2004). We decided to have three main tracks during this conference: one with pe- reviewed scienti?c contributions, one with presentations from business and - dustry,and one event track with presentations from European and national Grid projects. In order to guarantee high-quality proceedings, we put extensive e?ort into reviewing the scienti?c papers and processing the proceedings. We received over 180 papers from which, after peer review by 2-3 reviewers each, we selected 70 for oral presentations and52 for posterpresentations duringthescienti?c tracks. In this book you ?nd the ?nal versions of these accepted papers. AftertheconferenceopeningbytheDeanoftheFacultyofScienceoftheU- versity of Amsterdam, Prof. Dr. K.J.F Gaemers, we enjoyed a series of inspiring keynote lectures and two parallel scienti?c tracks over three days.