Advances in Freshwater Decapod Systematics and Biology

Decapods are the largest, most prominent, and, unfortunately, most threatened freshwater crustaceans. Advances in Freshwater Decapod Systematics and Biology presents a selection of papers by geographical and domain experts, in taxonomy, phylogenetics, biogeography, life history, and conservation. The major groups of freshwater decapods-crabs, crayfish, prawns, and anomurans-are all represented. This volume includes a chapter commemorating Richard Bott's influence on freshwater crab/decapod biology; descriptions of seven new species (Atyidae, Aeglidae, Pseudothelphusidae, Potamidae, and Sesarmidae); chapters on larval-based phylogenetics and molecular clock calibration; and reviews of longevity and mortality, and of the global conservation status of freshwater decapods. This volume both reflects the current state of research and serves as a primer for future work and more integrative decapod research. Contributors include: Shane T. Ahyong, Klaus Anger, Georgina Bond-Buckup, Ludwig Buckup, Yixiong Cai, Christian Clavijo, Neil Cumberlidge, James M. Furse, Alberto S. Goncalves, Guillermo Guerao, Alireza Keikhosravi, Sebastian Klaus, Taina G. Loureiro, Celio Magalhaes, Fernando L. Mantelatto, Jose C. E. Mendoza, , Jerome Prieto, Silke Reuschel, Vitor Q. A. Sanches, Tobias Santl, Sandro Santos, Fabrizio Scarabino, Christoph D. Schubart, Michael Turkay, Ana Verdi, Gunter Vogt, and Darren C. J. Yeo