DC/DC conversion techniques have undergone rapid development in recent decades. With the pioneering work of authors Fang Lin Luo and Hong Ye, DC/DC converters have now been sorted into their six generations, and by a rough count, over 500 different topologies currently exist, with more being developed each year. Advanced DC/DC Converters offers a concise, practical presentation of DC/DC converters, summarizing the spectrum of conversion technologies and presenting many new ideas and more than 100 new topologies. The treatment begins with background material on DC/DC conversion and discussions on voltage lift and super-lift converters. It then proceeds through each generation, including the groundbreaking sixth generation--converters developed by the authors that can be cascaded for high voltage transfer gain. More than 320 figures, 60 tables, and 500 formulae allow you to more easily grasp the overall structure of advanced DC/DC converters, provide fast access to precise data, and help you quickly determine the values of your own circuit components. Nowhere else in the literature are DC/DC converters so logically sorted and systematically introduced. Nowhere else can you find detailed information on prototype topologies that represent a major contribution to modern power engineering.