Advanced Control Unleashed: Plant Performance Management for Optimum Benefit

This book is a guide for both experienced engineers as well as newcomers to advanced control. It serves as a bridge between theoretical concepts and effective practical implementations. The major topics are: Setting a foundation, finding the opportunities, and estimating the benefits for advanced control; Using Auto Tuners; Applying Model Predictive Control and integrating optimization techniques; Getting the most out of Dynamic Estimators, Abnormal Situation Management, and Fuzzy Logic Control; Employing dynamic simulations of processes and control systems for design, prototyping and training; Setting up an online system for automated analysis and evaluation of control system and process performance. Each topic is summarized to capture important concepts, rules of thumb and best practices. This book includes a CD with practical design, simulation, and implementation examples. This interactive learning environment includes overviews by the authors and video demonstrations that make key examples in the book come alive. Configuration and case files are supplied for a hands-on experience, and PowerPoint files suitable for lectures on each unit are included on the CD. Reading the book and observing the simulation exercises offers the shortest path for getting the most value out of applying advanced control. The book should be a good companion for every engineer practicing advanced control.