Administration of Trusts

Written by a team of distinguished and leading experts in the field, Tolley's Administration of Trusts provides practical and accessible guidance on all aspects of trust administration. Published in association with STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), this looseleaf has been designed to help practitioners in trust administration. Contents comprise: * Categories of Trust * Appointment and Retirement of Trustees * Trustees' Powers and Duties * Dealing with Trust Assets - Powers and Duties * Variation of Trusts * Rights of Creditors against Trustees and Trust Funds * Authority to Trustees to Incur Costs of Litigation * Litigation and Divorce * UK Taxation of Trusts * Trust Accounts * Termination of Trusts * Foreign Element * Administration In this one volume all the important legal provisions are discussed, and a variety of checklists, relevant forms and statutory material are included to provide practical assistance. This comprehensive looseleaf provides an invaluable aid to lawyers, accountants, bankers and all those who administer trusts, or advise trustees and beneficiaries. Two issues per year, invoiced separately.