Administrating Web Servers, Security, & Maintenance Interactive Workbook

The perfect user-friendly introduction to Web site management and security for anyone who wants to become a Web professional. Start by understanding exactly what Web servers actually do; then walk through in-depth planning to get your server running right the first time. Choose the best hardware and software; estimate your site's traffic and size your server accordingly; register your domain names; and more. Organize your site; configure your server and set it up to support CGI; and make plans for regular server maintenance. Next learn the critical fundamentals of securing your Web site, your server, the network, client browsers, Web databases, and transactions. Part of Pearson PTR Interactive's new Foundations of Web Site Architecture Series: user-friendly, interactive workbooks that deliver the core Web skills newcomers need most. Endorsed by the World Organization of Webmasters, and supported by a companion Web site with sample pages, code, and exercises!