Administering Data Centers: Servers, Storage, and Voice Over IP

This book covers a wide spectrum of topics relevant to implementing and managing a modern data center. The chapters are comprehensive and the flow of concepts is easy to understand. -Cisco reviewer Gain a practical knowledge of data center concepts To create a well-designed data center (including storage and network architecture, VoIP implementation, and server consolidation) you must understand a variety of key concepts and technologies. This book explains those factors in a way that smoothes the path to implementation and management. Whether you need an introduction to the technologies, a refresher course for IT managers and data center personnel, or an additional resource for advanced study, you'll find these guidelines and solutions provide a solid foundation for building reliable designs and secure data center policies. Understand the common causes and high costs of service outages Learn how to measure high availability and achieve maximum levels Design a data center using optimum physical, environmental, and technological elements Explore a modular design for cabling, Points of Distribution, and WAN connections from ISPs See what must be considered when consolidating data center resources Expand your knowledge of best practices and security Create a data center environment that is user- and manager-friendly Learn how high availability, clustering, and disaster recovery solutions can be deployed to protect critical information Find out how to use a single network infrastructure for IP data, voice, and storage