Acute care: Clinical assessment and treatment of acutely ill patients

Early recognition of the signs of deterioration in a patient has a significant impact on the rates of admission to ICU. Clear clinical warning signals become evident 6-8 hours prior to cardiac arrest. Acute Care: Clinical Assessment and Treatment of Acutely ill Patients details a system which - identifies the patient at risk and outlines appropriate interventions to either avert admission to ICU or ensure the patient receives optimal care prior to being transferred to ICU. This useful text: describes a system for assessing the acutely ill patient to identify signs of deterioration; explains how to evaluate the assessment findings so that appropriate interventions can be implemented; and, details appropriate interventions to lessen the chances of organ damage, morbidity and mortality. The book will be invaluable for nurses working in the general ward looking after the acutely ill patient, or nurses wishing to refresh their knowledge of ICU principles. It is also recommended for nurses in healthcare facilities that do not have an ICU.