Action Research: A Practical Guide for Transforming Your School Library

Mixed media product
This manual demonstrates how to perform qualitative research and use the results effectively to promote the school library. It offers hands-on guidance for performing action research, including how to establish the context, emphasize the main issue, set goals, anticipate research outcomes, create a plan, use tools and techniques for gathering data, involve others, perform an analysis that will lead to a pattern or theme, and develop conclusions based on the data. Part 1 outlines the key elements of the action research process. Tips are given for adapting the process to schools, as are suggested strategies for development of a school library vision and a special third-grade project. Part 2 is the ready-made presentation in PowerPoint that readers can use directly from the accompanying CD-ROM or use to make their own overhead transparencies. Teacher-librarians can use it with their staff, administrators, parent councils, or school boards to build shared understanding of school libraries and potential for the future of school libraries. They can also adapt the model to their own research themes, such as exploring virtual libraries or various aspects of diversity in the school library.