A2 Spanish Teacher Resource Pack

Spiral bound
This resource pack has been written expressly for students who are studying Spanish at A2. The pack: - is photocopiable - is in line with the A2 specifications of the three English examination boards - gives guidance to teachers on preparation of classes - contains a range of extracts drawn from all over the Hispanic world - gives a range of practice in the four language skills - focuses on more 'advanced' topics that are appropriate at A2 - exploits all passages in depth Structure of the chapters There are four sections in each of the ten chapters, two of which are Spanish-American and two Spanish, making 40 lessons plans in total. The structure of each chapter is as follows: - The Spanish and Spanish-American texts alternate. - The first section is always the Teacher Notes, divided into three parts: Before the lesson, Lesson plan and Homework. - The Teacher Notes are followed by Worksheets consisting of texts that provide the context for a number of exercises covering vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, translation or essay-work. A variety of registers has deliberately been chosen: the texts are narrative, journalistic, descriptive or in dialogue form. Their length varies between 500 and 600 words, although occasionally they are longer than 600 words in order to keep their integrity. - Answers, definitive or sample, to the exercises are on a separate Answer sheet at the end of each chapter.