A Writer's Country: A Collection of Fiction and Poetry

A companion anthology for introductory/intermediate-level courses in Creative Writing (Fiction and Poetry), and for courses in Introduction to Literature, Literature and the Humanities, and Twentieth Century Literature. Compiled by the editors of the award-winning Clackamas Literary Review, this anthology of twenty short stories and fifty poems gives students of writing and literature the opportunity to read from a broad range of styles, perspectives, and generations spanning the last century. Unique in both approach and content, the anthology 1) is not separated by genre, as are most literature anthologies available today (but rather loosely comingles poems and stories according to gradually developing themes; 2) places canonized writing, and some lesser known yet accomplished writing, together under the same cover; and 3) is unencumbered by apparatus, to give instructors the freedom to use their own pedagogical approaches to teach the stories and poems.