A Claudia Carroll_BookD: A Very Accidental Love Story: A Very Accidental Love Story (BookD Podcast, Book 46)

Series: BookD Podcast (46)
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BookD offers a fascinating perspective into the world of publishing. Listen to authors discuss their inspiration behind their books, and hear the story of how these books were transformed from the initial concept. Tune in every other week for conversations with the stars of literature, art, film, music, science and politics. Claudia Carroll takes to the BookD hot seat in this weeks episode and talks about her inspiration for new novel 'A Very Accidental Love Story' and the trials and tribulations authors face when Hollywood come a knockin to option your book. An interesting insight through the eyes of this delightful author who also reads the audiobook (well she should be since coming from an 14 year long acting career before hanging up the stage for a little solitude in writing!)