A Survey of Classical and Modern Geometries: With Computer Activities

For courses in Geometry at the undergraduate level, for maths and maths education majors. This new text emphasizes the beauty of geometry, using models, exercises, and sound theory. Innovative range of coverage, including a chapter on using Geometer's Sketchpad. The world of Euclid is contrasted with sperical and hyperbolic geometry. *A Stand-alone chapter on Axiomatic Foundations. This is intended for students who have seen an axiomatic development of the real line. *An unusually wide range of exercises on the core ideas of Euclidean Geometry. *A full chapter on Geometer's Sketchpad, with computer exercises integrated into subsequent chapters. *Axiomatic foundations. *Strong emphasis on the algebra of constructions. *Topics are covered that illustrate some of the directions of modern research in geometry. *Emphasis on the similarities of different geometries. Different verisons are presented for the Pythagorean theorem, trigonometry, and theorems of Meneleus and Ceva, to name just a few.