A Stingray Bit My Nipple: True Stories from Real Travelers

'One of the things I love most about our 'True Stories' section (and by extension, this book) is that readers are so willing to laugh at themselves - they send in what are sometimes very embarrassing stories, because we all know that that's life, especially when you travel.' - Erik Torkells, editor, Budget Travel From the French-kissing giraffe to the Coke-drinking camel, Budget Travel's True Stories feature proves that life when travelling is indeed stranger and funnier than fiction. Collected by Erik Torkells, editor of Budget Travelmagazine, these tales of adventuresome calamity and hilarity are an irresistible read. Over 200 true stories are included. Stories have been submitted by Budget Travelreaders and many feature real and hilarious vacation photographs from their travels. From the couple in Belize who had a chicken lay an egg in their bed while at an eco resort, to the traveller who accidentally set her hair on fire while lighting a prayer candle, this book proves that the best memories come from moments when your trip is less than postcard-perfect.