A Short History of Sheep in New Zealand

Let's face it - this is sheep country. Sheep still outnumber New Zealanders by about ten to one. They're hugely important to us - they have propped up the nation's economy for ages; they've enriched our language (with their dagging and drenching and dipping) as well as the table; been the subject of countless jokes; and reminded us of our rural roots. They're now the stuff of high fashion. It's hard to imagine New Zealand without them. So it's about time we had a book to give us the lowdown on our woolly friends. Here it is- The Short History of Sheep in New Zealand - everything you ever wanted to know about sheep; an in-depth history of sheep, their origins and how they came to be so important to New Zealanders; a miscellany of sheep trivia and facts; THE handbook for sheep farmers.