A Renegade in Springtime

A legendary figure among the 'Auden generation' of young writers in the 1930s, Edward Upward is still writing to this day. This new selection of his best short stories spans a literary career of almost eight decades, and is being published to celebrate his centenary. Beginning in 1928 with the fantastical world of Mortmere in The Railway Accident , the stories continue through the era of political engagement in the Thirties to the reflective and poignant studies of old age that have underpinned his revival in the past decade. Together they represent a lifetime of achievement in modern literature.'But why should he risk upsetting his parents by saying any of these things? Their happiness at having him here with them again was so evident. And why should he risk disturbing his own happy drowsiness which was increasing in him every moment as he sat here? 'Home is a place where I am well thought of,' he said to himself as he sank into the comfort of his armchair, as he slid more deeply, more and more deeply, downwards into its safety' - from The Scenic Railway .