A Practical Guide to VAT: For Charities and Voluntary Organisations

A Practical Guide to VAT explains in simple and straightforward terms how VAT works and how it affects non-profit making organisations. This completely updated third edition is more comprehensive, covering many of the activities of charities in greater depth, but retains a simple explanation of how VAT works. It provides full coverage of: when VAT is chargeable and recoverable; when charities are required to register for VAT and consequences of not doing so; how VAT applies to charitable activities, with an emphasis on fundraising; how to plan for VAT and make savings; accounting, keeping records and bookkeeping; the implications of VAT on work in Europe; property and international activities of charities; all changes in legislation, cases and guidance; and, non-business and business activities including recent cases.This book is an indispensable and authoritative resource for charity staff and trustees, helping them to stay within the law and use their knowledge of VAT to the best advantage of their organisation.