A Life Together: Wisdom of Community from the Christian East

A Life Together is like finding a long lost treasure or a goodie bag full of treats -- little quotes, deep wisdom, and ancient stories for community. Bishop Sigrist has created a fresh look at the age-old practice of living in community. He calls our hyper-individualistic, lonely world back to a rich and ancient way of doing life together. - Shane Claiborne, author, activist and recovering sinner What if humanity came together in the light and spirit poured out at Pentecost? Would it not be possible to become of one heart and mind and to discover a unity? Can we live together, and in the presence of God? Writing in the ancient desert tradition of short meditations on a spiritual theme, Bishop Seraphim explores what life together in community and Christian fellowship means and how unity between human beings is truly possible. With insight drawn from Fr. Alexander Men and other theologians of the Orthodox tradition, as well as his own long-term involvement in supporting religious communities in Russia and America, he offers his readers a cultured and complex weave of Christian insight. A Life Together is a wonderful resource for reflection: a private retreat with an experienced spiritual father.