A A Lancashire Miscellany

How do you make a Lancashire Hot Pot? Why did a red rose become the emblem of Lancashire? Where can you find Bedlam, Buttock and Little Tongues? Which Italian opera was set in Lancashire? What is the highest point in the county? When is Lancashire Day? Find all the answers and much more besides in A Lancashire Miscellany-a treasure trove of knowledge about this wonderful part of England. Whether you're a true Lancastrian or just passing through, this book is an entertaining romp through the people and places of the wonderful county. Teach yourself the Lancashire lingo with a gradely guide to local dialect and sayings, and pick up tips for cooking famous local specialities like black pudding and Eccles cakes. From Prime Ministers to rock stars, read the stories of famous Lancastrians through the ages, and discover some of the quirky customs of the region. From its famous landmarks and industries to its cultural and sporting highlights, A Lancashire Miscellany is bursting with intriguing facts and figures-a book to dip into again and again. This title is also available as an ebook, in either Kindle, ePub or PDF editions