A Guide to Policies for Energy Conservation: The European Experience

This important new book is a practical guide to the design of policies for effective energy conservation. Drawing on a wide range of European experiences, it analyses and evaluates the weaknesses of current conservation policies. The authors advance proposals that will ensure that political, administrative and energy conservation resources are used to maximum effect. Based on original investigations of conservation policies the book examines: * the use of grants and subsidies to encourage investment in the conservation of energy in domestic housing and public buildings * the use of information to inform householders of their conservation options and the implications of these options * the use of regulation to encourage the use of combined heating power * demand-side management by utility companies * institutional development as a means of engendering 'bottom-up' conservation initiatives The main lesson is that it is not the policy per se but its design and execution which dictates performance. The key variables in shaping such performance are identified and discussed. This timely book will be invaluable for those responsible for designing and implementing energy conservation policies and will be of special interest to those researching the practice of energy conservation.