A Guide to Co-Teaching: A Multimedia Kit for Professional Development

Mixed media product
Designed around the best-selling A Guide to Co-Teaching: Practical Tips for Facilitating Student Learning , this comprehensive multimedia kit offers staff developers and administrators all the materials needed to help teachers collaborate effectively in the classroom in order to create and maintain a cooperative teaching/learning environment. Ideal for leading groups of all sizes, this training package features authors Jacqueline S. Thousand and Richard A. Villa discussing the models of co-teaching and includes in-the-classroom footage of elementary, middle, and high school teachers using research-based co-teaching strategies in linguistically, culturally, and academically diverse settings. Participants will also see master teachers in action using the best practices of co-teaching in their classrooms and offering first-person suggestions and tips how to best work with other educators to meet the needs of all students. This training package includes: A Guide to Co-Teaching: Practical Tips for Facilitating Student Learning, Second Edition , one 60-minute VHS videotape, one interactive DVD, a facilitator's guide that integrates the book's content with the video and DVD, and, reproducible forms and transparency masters for immediate use.