A Different Kind of Teacher

Recognising many of the difficulties facing teachers today, Dr Humphreys provides innovative and practical ways to bring about a more positive climate within staffrooms and classrooms. A key theme is that the self-esteem of teachers and students is a major determining factor of the relationships between teacher and teacher, teacher and student, and student and student. The resolution of problems within the staffroom and classroom needs to be based on the nature of relationships between the members of these two school systems. Dr Humphreys focuses on eight main areas: * stress management * self-esteem of teachers * staff relationships and morale * self-esteem of students * emotional and behavioural problems of students and staff * classroom management * whole-school approach * effective leadership At the end of each chapter there is a list of key insights and key actions that will lead to more effective personal, interpersonal and classroom management. This is a challenging book confronting many of the traditional approaches to teaching and discipline within classrooms. Other books by Tony Humphreys A Different Kind of Discipline Examining Our Times Family, Love It and Leave It Myself, My Partner The Power of 'Negative' Thinking Raising Your Child's Self-Esteem (audio cassette) Raising Your Child's Self-Esteem (CD) Self-Esteem for Adults (audio cassette) Self-Esteem for Adults (CD) Self-Esteem: The Key to Your Child's Future Work and Worth