A Decorator's Secrets: Studies in Traditional Popular Culture

The proliferation of home center stores and how-to television shows testifies to the tremendous explosion of interest in decorating and home-improvement projects and to the pride homeowners take it in doing it themselves. Many people are enticed by the thrill of being able to decorate their own homes, but the fear of how to begin and of how much it will cost often keeps them from achieving their dream decor. Too often they wind up consulting intimidatingly beautiful books that showcase gorgeous rooms but don't really teach how any of these looks can really be achieved in the average home.Experienced designer Carolyn Warrender comes to the rescue of perplexed would-be decorators everywhere with a no-nonsense, practical guide that walks the novice through each step, from the basic rules and the raw materials to an interior design masterclass that deconstructs twelve rooms, revealing exactly what makes each of the diverse styles work Supplemented by numerous photos, the specific text analyzes color, layout, architectural detail, and other important considerations in decorating the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, and more. The troubleshooting section offers solutions to such common problems as making small rooms seem larger, dealing with low ceilings, or improving a lack of good natural light. With A Decorator's Secrets for inspiration, anyone can create the looks they long for in their own homes.