A Cow Called Carlotta

Ages 4 to 8 years. One day a pig called Pete met a cow called Carlotta. A tap-dancing cow called Carlotta. She was having a rest. Pete made friends with Carlotta. She was tap-dancing her way around the world! She tap-danced here. She tap-danced there. Carlotta tap-danced everywhere. Pete told Carlotta he wanted to tap-dance too. Carlotta taught Pete to 'step and shuffle'. She taught him to 'heel and toe'. Carlotta taught Pete to 'slap and flap'! She told Pete he was flamboyant! Together, they travelled the world. But sometimes Carlotta was cantankerous . . . she swished her tail, moo'd loudly and stamped her feet on the ground! So, Pete flew home. Pete told a friend that Carlotta was nice, but sometimes she was cantankerous. His friend told Pete that we should like our friends for just being themselves. Carlotta and Pete the purple flying pig became friends once again. Putting on bow ties and top hats and tails, off they went around the world. They tap-danced here. They tap-danced there. Carlotta and Pete tap-danced everywhere.