A Colour Atlas of Poisonous Fungi: A Handbook for Pharmacists, Doctors, and Biologists

This important timely publication is a photographic guide which facilitates recognition of poisonous fungi and treatment methods. The authors of this full color atlas maintain that the best protection against poisoning by fungi is a detailed knowledge of the fungi themselves. The recent surge of interest in collecting fungi makes this thorough and beautiful illustrated synthesis of current knowledge of their dangers especially timely. It includes information on the culinary preparation of fungi and how to deal with cases of poisoning. It presents in detail fungal taxonomy, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, and medicine. The information assists readers in understanding the toxic substances present in each case, the degree of toxicity of each fungus and likely effects on the victim. This informative volume is important for accident and emergency doctors and nurses, general practitioners and physicians, pharmacologists, pharmacists, toxicologists, poison control center personnel and biologists.