A Collection of the Chronicles and Ancient Histories of Great Britain, Now Called England 3 Volume Set

Multiple copy pack
In the mid-1440s, French knight Jean de Wavrin (c.1400-c.1473) took on the monumental task of compiling the first full-length history of England, spanning almost two millennia. Wavrin, who belonged to a noble family of Artois, was a chronicler under Philip the Good and Charles the Bold, Dukes of Burgundy. During his military career, he often fought on the side of the English, and was keen to keep the kingdom as an ally. He gathered a unique collection of records and used his own first-hand observations to write a work that provides a fascinating insight into the interests and methods of a medieval historian. Part of the Rolls Series of publications of historical documents, these volumes, published between 1864 and 1891, were translated and edited by the archivist and antiquarian Sir William Hardy (1807-87), and completed by Edward L. C. P Hardy after his death.