A Century of Mathematical Meetings

This book features contributions by and about some of the luminaries of American mathematics. Included here are essays based on presentations made during the symposium Celebration of 100 Years of Annual Meetings, held at the AMS meeting in Cincinnati in January 1994. In addition, a number of contributions were solicited after the symposium. The papers in this collection form a vibrant collage of mathematical personalities - a collage that makes being a member of the community of mathematicians rich and rewarding.This book weaves a tapestry of mathematical life in the United States, with emphasis on the past seventy years. Photographs, old and recent, further decorate that tapestry. This volume complements three earlier AMS volumes of collected papers about mathematics in America: A Century of Mathematics in America , Parts I, II, and III. There are many stories to be told about the making of mathematics and the personalities of those who meet to share it. This collection offers a celebration in words and pictures of a century of American mathematical life.